This show is sold out.

Contact VDF Management if you would like to be placed on a wait list.


*= Premier booth (Premier booth designation is assigned based on proximity to entrance and food & beverage stations.)

The floorplan is also included in the Exhibitor/Sponsor Prospectus.


Company Booth Company Booth
3M Animal Health 918 Medi-Productions 110
Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc. 411 Merial 702
Aesculight Surgical Lasers 109 Merritt Veterinary Supplies, Inc. 803
AllAccem SANOS 404 Microsurgery Instruments, Inc. 706
Allpro Imaging 307 Midmark Corporation 902, 904, 906
AVDS Foyer Booth 1 Milk Bone Brushing Chews 807, 809
AVDT Foyer Booth 2 Miltex, an Integra Company 406
Bon Vet Animal Health 106 MWI Veterinary Supply 409
BQ Ergonomics, LLC 800 Olympic Veterinary Corp 811
Ceva Animal Health 105 Patterson Veterinary 201, 203, 205
Chartific 804 PEIVDF Foyer Booth 3
Cislak Mfg, Inc. 300, 302 PeriOptix 610
Clear Optix 100 PKB Animal Health 606
Coltene 407 RGP 704
Columbia Dentoform 103 Rose Micro Solutions 806
Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure 608 Royal Canin USA, Inc. 940
Crosstex International 942 Scil Animal Care 208, 210
DBI America Corporation 707 Shipps Dental & Specialty Products 510
Delmarva 2000 916 Skulls Unlimited International, Inc. 914
Dental Focus, LLC 605, 607 Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties 204
Dentalaire Products Int'l 928, 930 Suneris 111
Diatech 805 Surgiden LLC 102
Digital Doc, LLC 104 SV Distribution 202
Elite Science Vet 703 Tartar Shield Pet Products 207
Elsevier 604 Tooth to Tail 705
Greenies 507 TriLogic Pharma 932
HealthyMouth, LLC 304, 306 Ultralight Optics 206
HemaBlock/Bleed-X, LLC 108

Veterinary Consultation Services/
Get U Social

Henry Schein Animal Health 303, 402 Veterinary Dental Products 506
Hill's Pet Nutrition 701 Veterinary Products Laboratory 107
Hot Dog Patient Warming 305 Veterinary Transplant Services 509
iM3, Inc. 403, 405, 504 VetSpecs, Inc. 920
ImageWorks Veterinary 603 Virbac Corporation 503, 505
Inovadent 508 Westport Medical, Inc. 802
    Wiley 511


Registrations received by June 30th will be assigned booth spaces on a point system. The point system has two goals:

1. To provide a more objective exhibit booth space assignment criterion other than "first come, first served." Space assignments will be based on the highest number of points obtained.

2. To recognize those exhibitors/sponsors who have supported the Veterinary Dental Forum over the past 13 years.

The points will be awarded as follows*:

1. Two points for each year exhibiting with a single exhibit booth space at the VDF.
2. Four points for each year exhibiting with multiple booth spaces at the VDF.
3. Four points for each year company was a Silver Crown sponsor, from 2000-2013.
4. Six points for each year company was a Gold Crown sponsor, from 2000-2013.
5. Eight points for each year company was a Platinum Crown sponsor, from 2000-2013.
6. Ten points for each year company was a Premier Crown sponsor, from 2000-2013.

*In order to allow for timely assignment of exhibitor booths, the points system will not apply to companies who submit registration forms after June 30, 2014. As of 2014, the Platinum Crown Level has been eliminated and new sponsorship levels assigned. Refer to the chart on page 9 for the updated sponsorship levels. Points assigned for each level will be adjusted to reflect this change with eight (8) being the most points awarded for sponsorship. This change will be reflected in the 2015 VDF exhibitor/sponsor prospectus.

Note: Exhibitors who dismantle their exhibit booths prior to the official closing of the Veterinary Dental Forum exhibit hall will lose five (5) points for the 2015 Veterinary Dental Forum booth assignment process.

Please refer to Exhibitor & Sponsor Prospectus for changes to this year's exhibit show.