The Exhibit Hall is SOLD OUT! Please contact us if you would like to be added to a wait list.



Company Name Booth # Company Name Booth #
SOLD 108 SOLD 508
SOLD 110 SOLD 509
SOLD 130 SOLD 510
SOLD 132 SOLD 511
SOLD 201 SOLD 512
SOLD 203 SOLD 513
SOLD 205 SOLD 600
SOLD 209 SOLD 601
SOLD 211 SOLD 602
SOLD 213 SOLD 603
SOLD 300 SOLD 604
SOLD 301 SOLD 605
SOLD 302 SOLD 608
SOLD 303 SOLD 609
SOLD 304 SOLD 610
SOLD 305 SOLD 611
SOLD 308 SOLD 612
SOLD 309 SOLD 613
SOLD 310 SOLD 700
SOLD 311 SOLD 701
SOLD 312 SOLD 702
SOLD 313 SOLD 703
SOLD 400 SOLD 704
SOLD 401 SOLD 705
SOLD 402 SOLD 708
SOLD 403 SOLD 709
SOLD 404 SOLD 710
SOLD 405 SOLD 711
SOLD 408 SOLD 712
SOLD 409 SOLD 713
SOLD 410 SOLD 800
SOLD 411 SOLD 802
SOLD 412 SOLD 804
SOLD 413 SOLD 808
SOLD 500 SOLD 810
SOLD 501 SOLD 812
SOLD 502 SOLD 908
SOLD 503 SOLD 910
SOLD 504 SOLD 930
SOLD 505 SOLD 932

Official VDF Exhibits Contractor:

Fern Exposition and Event Services

Contact Fern for all your shipping and booth needs (including electrical orders).

VDF Exhibitor Points System

Registrations received by June 30th will be assigned booth spaces on a point system. The point system has two goals:

1. To provide a more objective exhibit booth space assignment criterion other than "first come, first served." Space assignments will be based on the highest number of points obtained.

2. To recognize those exhibitors/sponsors who have supported the Veterinary Dental Forum over the past 15 years.

The points will be awarded as follows*:

1. Two points for each year exhibiting with a single exhibit booth space at the VDF.
2. Four points for each year exhibiting with multiple booth spaces at the VDF.
3. Four points for each year company was a Silver Crown sponsor, from 2000-2015.
4. Six points for each year company was a Gold Crown sponsor, from 2000-2015.
5. Eight points for each year company was a Premier Crown sponsor, from 2000-2015.

*In order to allow for timely assignment of exhibitor booths, the points system will not apply to companies who submit registration forms after June 30th. The Platinum Crown Level was eliminated and new sponsorship levels assigned. Refer to the chart on page nine for the updated sponsorship levels. Points assigned for each level have been adjusted to reflect this change with eight (8) being the most points awarded for sponsorship. All points accrued under the previous points system have been retained.

Note: Exhibitors who dismantle their exhibit booths prior to the official closing of the Veterinary Dental Forum exhibit hall will lose five (5) points toward the next Veterinary Dental Forum booth assignment process.